Detailed lecture/lab notes Topics: Nervous System (Brain, Spinal Cord, Motor System, Sensory System, Autonomic) Human Locomotion (Anatomy, Bipedalism) Respiratory System (Anatomy, Gas Exchange, Breathing) Cardiovascular System (Heart, Blood Vessels, Cardiac Cycle, Heart Contraction, Cardiac Muscle, Electrocardiography) Population Genetics and Human Ecology (Genetic Variation, Allele Frequencies, Assortative Mating, Heritability, Natural/Sexual Selection, Social Behaviour, Kin Selection) Digestive System (Anatomy, Function) Urinary System (Anatomy, Urine Formation) Endocrine System (Homeostasis, Pituitary, Hormones, Nutrition, Appetite, Growth Ageing, Sleep)


Semester 2, 2015

42 pages

30,000 words



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