These are my most concise notes for torts law (both intentional torts and negligence). The layout of these notes is specifically designed to be taken into the exam as a guideline on how to structure your answers. All torts and their elements are included together I used only these notes for my study and didn't take my textbook into the exam and got HD's for both mid-semester and final. Everything you need to answer exam questions is in these notes and there is also tutoring available for $30/hr at Campbelltown campus from Monday-Thursday, just look up the tutors for Torts on the StudentVip Website and I'm there, prices are negotiable :) TUTORING STUDENTS GET THESE NOTES FOR $20. There is a table of contents with pages numbers so you can easily navigate through the notes. Good luck with your studies!


Semester 2, 2014

38 pages

8,894 words



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