These are the notes I made and maintained throughout the semester, and contains all the topics assessable in the final exam. The topics are as follows:

Introduction to Information Systems
Information Systems within the Organisation
Organisational Strategy, Competitive Advantage and Information Systems
Data and Knowledge Management
Information Security
Ethics and Privacy
Telecommunications and Networking
Acquiring Information Systems and Applications

As the final exam is completely unrestricted open book, I took this booklet into the exam and was able to complete all questions with a final HD mark and smashed the exam. If you buy these notes, you will be able to do the same. I found that the information in this booklet was able to let me answer each multiple choice question with confidence, as well as giving me the opportunity to write a lot for each short answer question.

Another benefit of these notes is that real world examples and case studies are embedded throughout and can be used as an example in the final exam.


Autumn session, 2018

37 pages

11,054 words


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