Semester 1, 2018

Useful INFO1111 Final Notes

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The author is a note writer of other junior IT units such as INFO1110 in USYD.

This note is aimed to reduce your pain in reviewing the lecture slides, but still is able to let you review every corner of this unit. It means you can use this note totally as a more detailed replacement of lecture notes.
(More examples are included.)

Due to the fact that this unit has too many concepts and theories, and the final exam would focus on your understanding of the lecture material, this notes follow the style of lecture notes and the previous quiz.

Topics covered:
IT professionals: the societies and organisations that define and support professionals in IT including the roles and responsibilities of those organisations.
Teams: What are the characteristics of a team, and what constitutes good team; typical myths about teams and why they are not true; diversity in teams.
Communication: forms and models of communication, tools for communication, what makes for effective communication.
Professional tools: they type of tools that IT professionals typically use; assessment of tools in terms of their advantages and disadvantages.
LaTeX: description, uses, advantages and disadvantages.
Version control: applications, importance, tools.
Git: uses, commands, advantages and disadvantages.
Problem solving: approaches, challenges, application in IT.
Ethics: approaches to decision making, ACS Code of Professional Conduct
Nature of Majors: Computer Science, Computational Data Science, Information Systems and Software Development.
Intellectual Property (IP) and Commercialisation: ownership, ways of protecting your ideas, forms of commercialisation. business model.
Systems Thinking: Why is this different to other forms of thinking? Why important? Application to IT industry.

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