Semester 1, 2018

Distinction ANTH106 Notes (Detailed with diagrams)

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I received 79 for this unit in the 2018 Summer School Session. These are detailed lecture notes with everything you need to know for the exam, and I have included diagrams and figures from the lectures/other sources that will assist in the learning process. Due to me studying this in the summer session, the lectures are together in the document i.e. there are generally two lectures per week, but mine will have 4 per week. Each lecture is clearly outlined in the document as per the sample attached.

Apart from that, I loved this unit so much. It's super interesting and fun to learn (which is not what I can say about many units)!

Week 1: Drug Symbolism, Hallucinogens, Cannabis.
Week 2: Drug Pharmacology and Addiction, Drug Law Reform, Cocaine.
Week 3: War on Drugs, Law Enforcement, Drugs on the Digital Frontier, Ethnographies of Drug Use.
Week 4: Political Economy of Opiates, Tobacco, Shamanism\Week 5: Erectile Dysfunction, Emergency Contraception, The Placebo Effect.




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