Semester 1, 2018

Comprehensive Notes for BUMGT2606

92 pages

30,587 words



Comprehensive and user-friendly notes from BUMGT2606, a useful and broad course in the field of organisational behaviour with teachings useful across an array of professions. As communicating with people to understand them in a way that nurtures or discourages particular behaviour and attitudes is something usually done regardless of profession, these notes touch on topics that are applicable to a range of situations, and explores reasons why people communicate and act in a certain way in the context of different situations involving conflict, power, ethics, etc. Anyone doing a business or social studies topic would find this information useful, with useful diagrams, easy to read theory, examples of how to put that theory into an answer, its all here in one place. Easy!

Topic list:
Introduction and the Field of Organisational Behaviour
Individual Behaviour, Personality and Values
Employee Motivation
Perceiving ourselves and Others
Workplace Emotions, Attitudes and Stress
Team Dynamics and Communication
Decision Making and Creativity
Power, Influence, Conflict and Negotiation
Leadership in the Organisation
Organisational Structure
Organisational Culture




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