Semester 2, 2017

Civil Law Exam Notes (Comprehensive)

125 pages

34,814 words




Includes all examinable topics.

Step by step guidelines and easy to follow. All court rules have been included in the word document which were displayed in the lecture AND additional rules which were not specifically included in the lecture

Discovery (an example of comprehensivity):
- ordinary discovery
- discovery after issuing proceedings
- notice requirements
- general discovery and expanded discovery
- privilege
- documents not required by discovery
- noncompliance

Other topics:
Disposition before trial
Defaults and its procedure
Summary judgments
Interlocutory applications and orders
Freezing orders and preservation orders
Injunctions and adjournments
Settlements and offers of compromise
Calderbank offers and informal offers
Trial judgments and costs
Splitting trials, failure to attend a trial and no case submissions
Verdicts, reports, and judgments
Setting aside and correcting judgments
Costs after trial
Penalties for choosing the wrong court
Multiparty litigation
Appeals and enforcement
Powers of the Court of Appeal
Warrants of seizure and sale