Semester 1, 2018

EDLA241 Notes

20 pages

5,063 words



Topics included:
Exploring the ACE K-2 and NESA syllabus
Participating in a reading lesson.
Reflection on what a reading lesson involves.
Personal reflection on early literacy learning experience
Understanding reading and children’s reading behaviours and development
The four cueing systems
The four roles of the reader/viewer
The Gradual Release of Responsibility model in teaching reading.
Visual literacy
Understanding visual codes and teaching visual literacy
Using visual codes in modelled reading: book orientation
Shared Reading: Working with text:
Phonological awareness
Revision of the four roles of the reader
Teaching and assessing reading comprehension
Assessing reading behaviours: Running records
Supporting struggling readers
Teaching phonological awareness and vocabulary
Grammatical differences between speech and writing
Children's writing development
Revision: The Gradual Release of Responsibility for teaching writing.
The genre-based approach to teaching writing: The Teaching and Learning Cycle
Teaching grammar and punctuation
Teaching Spelling

10 Weeks of 2hr tutorials and 1 hr lectures every week.




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