Written by a consistent (award winning) HD student who read every page of the book - so you don't have to!

These notes are NOT dot-point notes. They include full sentences with examples and descriptions. They are basically a short version of the text to save you time.

The notes include page numbers for reference and review questions for consolidation of information.

These notes cover weeks 1 - 5 of the learning materials essential weekly readings for abnormal psychology and are intended as revision for the final exam.

These notes (due to their relative weeks) will also help give basic knowledge for your critical review.

Lastly, hot tip - week 1 is intense and covers THREE chapters... remember the exam only gives 12 questions to each week and all the other weeks have just one chapter, so if you're short on time, don't loose too much reading and learning all of week one and if so, focus more on chapter four of week one and less on chapter 1 and 2.

WEEK 1: Introduction to abnormality

WEEK 2: Stress and mental health

WEEK 3: Anxiety disorders

WEEK 4: Mood disorders

WEEK 5: Dissociative disorders

*Weeks 6-12 have been uploaded separately due to file size.

Notes are 108 pages.


Semester 2, 2018

110 pages

44,500 words



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