Semester 1, 2018

Social Global Problems Final Exam Notes

29 pages

14,000 words



This covers weeks 1-12 inclusive and includes all of the "Read", "Watch", "Do" sections. It has notes from the lecture materials and covers the following topics:

Introduction to a global world
Development I: World-system structure
#MeToo in the developing world
Development II: Global peripheries
Famine and fake news
The international data infrastructure
Dangerous factories in Bangladesh
Refugees I: Global patterns
UNHCR tutorial team project
Refugees II: Syria
European responses to refugee flows
Nationalism I: The imagined community
Political extremism
Nationalism II: Illiberal democracies and liberal non-democracies
Inequality I: Inequality trends
Finding the "right" level of inequality
Inequality II: Social exclusion
Public resistance to immunization
Environment I: Local pollution
Air quality in China

This should cover everything needed for the final online exam (multiple choice AND potential Essay Content)




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