Semester 1, 2017

PSYC1001: Social Psychology

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Detailed and comprehensive notes on Social Psychology lecture series. Super helpful for exam revision!

Introduction to Social Psychology
What is social psychology? What do social psychologists study? Research methods used in social psychology: Descriptive methods vs. Experimental Methods.
2. Social Perception I: Attributions; Attitudes
Attribution theories. Person vs. situational attributions. Attributional biases (e.g., the Fundamental Attribution Error). What are attitudes? How are they measured?
3. Social Perception II: Attitude change; Stereotypes, prejudice, & discrimination
Do attitudes guide behaviour? How can attitudes be changed? What causes prejudice? What are the consequences of stereotypes to targeted groups? Is change possible?
4. Social Influence I: Conformity; Deindividuation
Why do we conform? Studies of conformity (e.g., Asch, 1955). The consequences of conformity. What is deindividuation? Studies of deindividuation.
5. Social Influence II: Obedience; Minority influence
What is obedience? Why do I obey an authority figure? Milgram’s obedience experiments. How to reduce obedience. Studies of minority influence (Moscovici).
6. Interpersonal Processes I: Social facilitation; Social loafing
Social facilitation in humans (Triplett). Theories of social facilitation. What is social loafing? Factors that contribute to social loafing. Theories of social loafing in groups.
7. Interpersonal Processes II: Social relationships and prosocial behaviour
What is attractive? Attachment styles. Why is it important to study love scientifically? Categories of prosocial behaviour. Why do we help others? When will people help?