Semester 1, 2017

PSYC1001: Science and Statistics

16 pages

4,472 words




Detailed and comprehensive notes on Science and Statistics lecture series. Super helpful for exam revision!

1. The role of Science in Psychology.
2. Distinguishing scientific theories and explanations from pseudo-science.
3. Constructing hypotheses: understanding null hypotheses and experimental hypotheses
and the distinction between seeking proof and disproof.
4. Understanding the role of constructs in psychological measurement.
5. Research designs in psychological research. The distinction between true experiments,
quasi-experiments and correlational studies and how choice of design affects internal
and external validity.
6. Variability in measurement as expressed by standard deviation, and the normal curve.
7. The use of statistics in scientific decision-making. The role of probability in
understanding scientific conclusions.
8. The role of the p-value and power. Recognizing the role of the sample and sample size
in understanding conclusions.