This PDF covers all the content of Behavioural Economics Sem 2, 2017 in a very summarized and condensed form. It is perfect for studying for the final exam as it has all the key points you need to know while skipping the unnecessary detail.

Using these notes I won the subject award for Behavioural Economics.

The content I cover is:
1. Temptation
2. Risk
3. Heuristics & Biases
4. Subjective Wellbeing & Libertarian Paternalism

Since the key takeaway for the subject is Standard Economic Theory vs Behavioural Economics, I have structured the notes in the same way. I include all standard models, their limitations, and examples from lectures. I also include the Behavioural Economics models, different model cases and an evaluation of each model as given by the lectures.

I have included the first two topics in the sample.


Semester 2, 2017

3 pages

2,642 words



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