Semester 1, 2018

MLC203 Corporations Law Summary 2018

76 pages

18,000 words




Course summary for MLC203 Corporations Law

Notes are designed in a way that is quick and easy to read with all statutes and cases included. Very useful for taking into an exam as you won't even need to refer to your textbook.

Textbook summarised: Company Law: An Interactive Approach 1E by Alex Wong

Topic list:
1) Business organisations
2) Companies and incorporation
3) Company constitution
4) Promoters and pre-registration contracts
5) Companies, outsiders and corporate liability
6) Membership, members' powers and dividends
7) Corporate governance and company management
8) Directors' and officers duties A
9) Directors' and officers duties B
10) Financing a company via equity or debt
11) Members' remedies
12) Receivership and administration
13) Insolvency




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