Semester 2, 2017

PSY3032 Abnormal Psychology Notes

81 pages

28,204 words




Detailed and comprehensive PSY3032 notes from lectures and prescribed readings. Notes are organised by weekly topics and address all learning objectives. They are concisely summarized and easy to read.
Notes are organised into sections with subheadings as well as containing relevant diagrams and pictures.

Topics included:
Week 1: History of Abnormality & Diagnosis and Assessment
Week 2: Disorders of Childhood
Week 3: Indigenous and Multicultural Mental Health
Week 4: Late Life Disorders
Week 5: Body Image and Eating Disorders
Week 6: Sleep Disorders
Week 7: Anxiety Disorders
Week 8: Mood Disorders
Week 9: Personality Disorders
Week 10: Sexual Dysfunction and Disorders
Week 11: Substance-Related Disorders
Week 12: Schizophrenia




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