Hey guys ! These are my notes I used for first year psych (semester 1) to obtain HD's in all assessments. The notes cover all 12 lectorials, covering all the content you need to know for the exam !

They are also colour coded to help block information and also include diagrams to help consolidate visual information #cognativethinking.

I also have plenty of other notes if you'd like to check them out. Good luck with the semester :D.

Topic List:
Lectorial 1: Introduction
Lectorial 2: History of Psychology
Lectorials 3/4: Developmental Psychology
Lectorials 5/6: Learning
Lectorials 7/8: Personality
Lectorials 9/10: Sensation and Perception
Lectorial 11: Biological Psychology
Lectorial 12: Cross-Cultural Psychology


Semester 1, 2016

51 pages

7,314 words



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