Semester 2, 2016

Concise (yet Detailed) Admin Law Notes - perfect for problem questions!

44 pages

15,784 words




These are my concise, yet comprehensive, notes for Judicial Review and Merits Review (see topic list in sample notes for further detail).

Given the intense time pressure in the Admin Law final exam, I spent several hours specifically making these notes so that I could easily and quickly answer exam problem questions whilst also ensuring that my responses were detailed enough to achieve a high D/HD grade. Please have a look through the preview to check out the quality of the notes for yourself.

I believe that you will find these notes very useful not only for the final exam but also for the assignment, saving you stress and (more importantly) hours of your precious time!

NB: The notes do not cover the topics other than Judicial Review and Merits Review on which you may receive essay questions in the exam. Please see my full course notes (also available for sale on this site) for comprehensive well-structured notes on these topics.