Semester 1, 2018

MAST20031 - Analysis of Biological Data Notes

51 pages

19,900 words




This is a comprehensive compilation of information from MAST20031 lectures, the textbook, tutorials, practicals, workshops, problem booklets and other useful sources I found online to aid my study.

Each section (particularly the harder concepts) is supported by easy to read and understand dot points, diagrams, pictures and thorough example exam-style questions.

Includes all summarised formulae required to know for each topic.

Topics included are:
1. Summary statistics, types of data
2. Probability models
3. Sampling and estimation
4. Principles of frequentist inference (one sample t-tests, two-sample t-tests, hypothesis testing)
5. Design of biological experiments
6. Linear models (regression)
7. Multiple linear regression (interaction)
8. General linear models (logistic regression)
9. Model selection (AIC, BIC, cross-validation)
10. Bayesian inference