I spent hours and hours writing these notes in preparation for the final exam. I highly doubt you will be able to find better notes, and I believe they are the catalyst for why I achieved such a strong mark in this subject. If you don’t have time to prepare your own notes, or you simply are looking to leverage off an elite set of notes, you should download these. This subject is tough yet the notes are clear, concise and written to focus only on exam materials that are relevant and straight to the point. They facilitate easy navigation of the course syllabus and cover all the required cases, and information within the subject. These are complete and clear course summary notes for Torts Law at Monash University. The course code is LAW1113. These are brilliant notes that I put together to help me achieve a top mark in this subject. I wrote the notes to cover all the content throughout the course and it has been formatted well to allow for clear navigation of the content in studying for the exam. The notes are 19 pages of concise and exam focused. They will enable you to maximise your score in the exam. Major topics covered in these notes are: False Imprisonment Trespass To Land Common Damages For Trespass Negligence Duty Of Care (General) Duty Of Care – Pure Economic Loss Duty Of Care: Pure Mental Harm Breach Causation Remoteness Defences Contributory Negligence Damages Vicarious Liability


Semester 2, 2016

19 pages

6,685 words



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