Semester 2, 2017

ACTL10001 - Introduction to Actuarial Studies Notes

86 pages

17,000 words




This is a comprehensive compilation (H1 - 95) of information from ACTL10001 lectures, the textbook, tutorials, practicals, workshops, problem booklets and other useful sources I found online to aid my study.

Topics covered include:
- Simple interest
- Compound interest
- Annuities (arrear, deferred)
- Nominal and effective interest rates
- Force of interest
- Estimating yield to maturity using linear interpolation
- Amortisation of loans
- Demography (population models, force of mortality, population pyramids)
- Life tables
- Fertility
- Contingent payments (endowment insurance, whole life insurance, term insurance)
- Law of Large Numbers

Each section (particularly the harder concepts) is supported by easy to read and understand dot points, diagrams, pictures and thorough example exam-style questions. Derivations of all formulae are also included.

Includes all summarised formulae required to know for each topic.

I received an H1 (95) for this subject, so I can promise you these are trustworthy notes worth using to boost your mark! :)