Semester 1, 2017

OTHY100 Complete Study Guide

17 pages

2,000 words




These are comprehensive, distinction-grade notes for OTHY100.

The beauty of these notes is their formatting. They're set out in a structured mind map format, rather than as a list of definitions. These notes were imperative to my understanding of basic Occupational Therapy concepts (and thus my marks), as they are hierarchical and relationship focused.

Use them:
- As quick pre-reading at the start of the week
- Along side the lecture
- To spark your memory of concepts in class
- To prepare for the exam
- For someone else to test you with (they read out the blue words, you say the black words)
- Print them out and stick them on your wall, or make them into paper hats and wear one to the exam and hand the rest out to your friends so you all match

If you're feeling like everything you've learnt is getting muddled into one, you've missed some classes or you have an alternative or neurodivergent learning style, these notes will help you to get back on track.

Topics included:
- Intro; Role of OT; Health delivery models
- Roles; Defining occupations
- Occupational impact of illness & disability
- The therapeutic relationship; Interpersonal reasoning
- Therapeutic use of self
- Communication; Interviews
- Teams
- Activity analysis; Occupational analysis
- Adaption; Grading
- Goal setting
- Client-centered care
- Learning; Motivation
- Process Practice Frameworks
- Interventions
- Clinical reasoning
- Evidence Based Practice
- Ethics
- Reflective practice




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