Complete lecture notes for PHYS30005 Sem 1, 2017.

Lecture 1: Skeletal Muscle Structure-Function
Lecture 2: Muscle Physiology
Lecture 3: Muscle Injury
Lecture 4: Muscle Regeneration
Lecture 5: Skeletal Muscle Plasticity (Skeletal Muscle Adaptations to Increased or Deceased Use) 

Lecture 6: Skeletal Muscle Plasticity (Adaptations of Skeletal Muscle to Strength/Resistance and Endurance Training
Lecture 7: Skeletal Muscle Fatigue
Lecture 8: Ageing and Skeletal Muscle
Lecture 9: Overview of Exercise Metabolism
Lecture 10: Intracellular Signalling
Lecture 11: Hormones and Exercise
Lecture 12: Carbohydrate Metabolism During Exercise
Lecture 13: Lipid Metabolism During Exercise
Lecture 15: Protein Metabolism During Exercise
Lecture 16: Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Mass
Lecture 17: Skeletal Muscle Mass (Mechanisms of Atrophy)
Lecture 18: Nutritional Interventions to Promote Changes in Muscle Metabolism
Lecture 19: Cancer Cachexia
Lecture 20: Inflammation Signalling in Skeletal Muscle
Lecture 21: Key Functional Proteins in Skeletal Muscle
Lecture 22: Growth Promoting Agents and Skeletal Muscle
Lecture 24: Oxygen Uptake During Exercise
Lecture 25: Cardiovascular Responses to Exercise
Lecture 27: Respiratory Responses to Exercise
Lecture 28: Maximal Oxygen Uptake: Determinants and Limits
Lecture 29: Temperature and Fluid Balance During Exercise
Lecture 30: Physiological Determinants of Exercise Performance
Lecture 31: Exploring New Therapeutic Strategies for Muscle
Lecture 32: Myogenesis – The Molecular Basis of Muscle Development
Lecture 33: Myogenesis – From Stem Cells to Muscles
Lecture 34: Transcriptional Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Stem-Cells
Lecture 35: Metabolic Remodelling of Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells

*Missing lectures were public holidays or midsem tests.


Semester 1, 2017

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