Semester 1, 2018

Financial Markets Mid Semester Exam Content (EFB201, SEM1 2018)

42 pages

14,000 words




These notes include a detailed explanation of all content assessable on the mid-semester exam. I have also set it up so that there is a contents page with topics easy to find. This would be perfect for understanding all of the topics easily and going back and double checking topics you don't remember or understand properly.

These notes contain the following topics:
The role of the financial system, financial institutions, financial instruments and financial markets.
Market efficiency, levels of efficiency, misconceptions about market efficiency, implications of market efficiency, market efficiency anomalies and their explanations.
Behavioral finance including biases, examples and evidence,
Interest rates, monetary policy, commercial banks and investment banks.
Short-term corporate debt markets, long-term corporate debt markets and government debt markets including treasury bonds, treasury notes, state government securities and overseas government securities.




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