Very comprehensive and in-depth notes that are very useful for both weekly readings and during final exam studies.

Includes all relevant cases, principles, and relevant authority. It is ideally structured into weekly topics, making it easier to read and navigate as most topics flow into other topics.

The notes are also structured in a way that makes it convenient and simple in completing problem questions and answering essay-style questions in preparation for the exam.

Topics included are:
1. Proof
2. Forms and Evidence
3. Relevance and Admissibility
4. Judicial Discretions
5. Hearsay
6. Opinion Evidence
7. Tendency and Coincidence
8. Character
9. Adversarial ethics
10. Privileges
11. Identification evidence
12. Questioning witnesses and credibility
13. Principles of criminal investigation
14. Arrest and Detention after arrest
15. Illegally obtained evidence
16. Entry, search and forensic procedure
17. Right to silence, police questioning and admissions.


Semester 1, 2017

135 pages

34,279 words



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