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**Awarded the Tom Triggs Prize 2017, for achieving the highest mark in Honours in Psychology at Monash Uni (certificate available for verification).**
**Achieved a score of 96 HD in PSY4210 (academic transcript available for verification).**

These are NOT generic lecture notes. I have carefully organised and hugely elaborated on the information provided in lecture slides (which I found very vague and difficult to follow). I have included all important information conveyed verbally by the lecturer.

VERY IMPORTANT EXAM POINTS are highlighted in yellow. This allows you to find the information very quickly during the time-pressured exam. I can confirm that these points were directly examined.

These notes comprehensively cover all 12 lectures, and can be printed and taken into the exam exactly as they are. I have worked tirelessly to ensure that the next person who has them does not need to do anything except read them. This will save you a huge amount of time.

Topic list:
- Lecture 1: The Research Process in Design
- Lecture 2 (Part 1): Structuring a Hypothesis
- Lecture 2 (Part 2): Review of ANOVA
- Lecture 3: Caressing/Cleaning the Data
- Lecture 4: ANCOVA
- Lecture 5: MANOVA
- Lecture 6: MANOVA (Continued)
- Lecture 7: Bivariate & Multivariate Regression
- Lecture 8: Mediation & Moderation
- Lecture 9: Logistic Regression
- Lecture 10: Factor Analysis & Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
- Lecture 11: Reporting & Interpreting Qualitative Research
- Lecture 12: Basic Introduction into Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)




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