Semester 2, 2017

Criminal Law

74 pages

32,906 words




Exam Notes - comprehensive and well structured. Uses the Outlining and Attack method taught in the United States Law Schools. Includes a Table of Contents, checkboxes, and other elements to aid in passing the exam.

1. Introduction to fundamental principles: definition of crime, aims and doctrines in criminal law; understanding criminal offences, excuses and defences
2. Introduction to problem solving in a criminal law context
3. Select property offences Criminal Code (Qld)
4. Select fatal offences against the person Criminal Code (Qld)
5. Select non-fatal offences against the person (including sexual offences) Criminal Code (Qld)
6. Attempts and participation
7. Select range of excuses and defences Criminal Code (Qld): mistake of fact, self-defence, provocation, insanity, diminished responsibility, act independent of will and intoxication
8. Selected aspects of criminal procedure including the trial of indictable offences


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