Semester 1, 2016

H1 BLAW10001 Exam and MST2 Cheat Sheet - Examinable Cases

8 pages

11,559 words



I found that this cheat sheet was my saviour in attaining a H1 for BLAW.

Some people (like myself) are fooled by the first MST into thinking that BLAW is a breeze, but you will find that the second MST and the exam consist of questions which require you to draw on any of the 85 examinable cases. (I got a 60% for MST2 compared to my H1 for MST2)

These notes alphabetically order all 85 examinable cases for efficient location, as well as provide the legal issues, the facts, court decision and court reasoning for each case.

You will have to format the printing as 4 pages per sheet and double sided for the exam - this is not a problem for readability at all. There is also space in the 8th page to put any additional notes you may need.

Note** these are the examinable cases from semester 1 2016. Some examinable cases may change.




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