An entirely comprehensive compilation of all relevant content discussed during Semester 2 2017, including readings. Key terms and definitions are highlighted. Includes tables and diagrams. I received a score of over 80% on this exam, and received personal commendation on being one of the highest scoring students on both the exam, and the subject as a whole. Topic list includes: - Chicago School of Criminology - US/Aus. crime drop - Deterrence Theory, Rational Choice Theory Routine Activities Theory, Situational Crime Prevention - Biological theories - Differential Association, Differential Reinforcement (Social Learning Theory) - Concentric Zone Model, Social Disorganisation Theory, Collective Efficacy, Broken Windows Theory - Conflict theories - Interactional theory, Age-Graded Theory - Integrative theories - Labelling perspectives - Critiques of theories - Suggestions for crime prevention - Age crime curve - IQ, personality, impulsivity - Duel taxonomy - Control theories - Anomie vs. strain


Semester 2, 2017

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