Semester 1, 2017

PSY2COG - Subject Summary

53 pages

15,152 words




These notes contain a full summary of the material covered in lectures, tutorials, and key readings from PSY2COG. Notes were taken during every lecture and tutorial, and were used as my primary study tool for the exam.

These notes contain the following topics:
- Introduction to cognitive psychology
- Perceiving speech
- Perceiving faces
- Facial Processing Problems
- Memory (Short-term, working, long-term, memory strategies)
- Language basics
- Language vs communication
- Neurolinguistics
- Evolution of cerebral asymmetry
- Language and thought
- General knowledge
- Thinking and reasoning
- Decision making
- Problem solving and creativity
- Psychology and the law (interview techniques, deception detection, eyewitness testimonies, false memory, forensic developmental psychology, juror decision making)

Hope they help you as much as they helped me!