Semester 2, 2017

Comprehensive notes for BUSS1040!

105 pages

23,963 words




Includes content from all 13 weeks; a clear explanation of all concepts of the course, methods on solving the math based questions and is accompanied by diagrams!

The following topics are covered:
- W1. Comparative Advantages;
- W2. Production, costs and supply;
- W3. Demand, Equilibrium, Welfare and Consumer Behaviour (Elasticity);
- W4. Elasticity (Continued) and Perfectly Competitive Markets;
- W5: Pricing with Market Power, Monopoly, Game Theory and Oligopoly;
- W6. Price Discrimination and Monopolistic Competition;
- W7. Strategic Behaviour - Strategic Interaction, Coordination Game, Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma;
- W8. Strategic behaviour - sequential games, first and second mover advantage;
- W9. Market intervention - price regulation, tax and subsidies;
- W10. Externalities and Public Goods;
- W11. GDP and the Business Cycles (MACRO);
- W12. Labour Markets, Employment and Unemployment;
- W13: Fiscal and Monetary Policy




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