Semester 2, 2017

History of Economic Thought

43 pages

18,454 words




Following the chronology of tutorials, and thereby highly useful for the final exam, this set of notes neatly condenses all lecture and tutorial content from topics 1 through 10 into succinct dot points. To further understanding, detailed comparative tables and highly illustrated graphs are included.

This really promises to be the only material you'll need in preparation for the exam.

Topics covered include:

- Ibn Khaldun
- The Mercantilists
- The Physiocrats
- Adam Smith - Social Philosophy (Sympathy Proper; Vicarious Sympathy; The Invisible Hand)
- Adam Smith - Economics (Division of Labour; Theory of Value and Growth)
- David Ricardo
- Malthus (Theory of Population; Theory of Gluts)
- Say's Law;
- Marx (Marxist Philosophy; Marxian Economics)
- Bentham
- Jevons
- Walras
- Keynes

Best of luck for this unit, but most of all, enjoy! This was by far the most interesting economics unit covered in my degree.