Semester 2, 2017

Non-adversarial Justice - Course Notes

85 pages

41,108 words




When sitting the take-home exam for Non-adversarial Justice, it is easy to become bogged down and despondent. With over 150 readings, a lengthy textbook and no past exams to guide you, picking up those golden nuggets can feel like searching for that figurative needle in a haystack!

But fear not! These notes, proceeding through every topic and required reading, neatly condense the material in a thorough yet concise manner. With every reading clearly labelled and drafted in a different font to the textbook material, you will be sure to select all the information you'll need for the exam without having to labour through readings. This truly promises to be the only companion you'll need as you wade through the unit, and ultimately, the exam.

Best of luck for this unit, but most of all, enjoy! It was one of my favourites.