I scored a High Distinction mark of 97 in ACST101.

In Semester 2, 2017, the final exam for allowed students to take in one double-sided summary sheet containing both a list of formulae, as well as notes for various lecture topics.

My notes are easy to follow:
- One page for formulae, one page for highly concise notes spanning all lecture topics
- Notes and formulae are sorted by topic
- Each topic name is highlighted
- Each topic section separated by borders

My final mark for this subject was 97 - testament to the excellence of this summary sheet.

- Formulae for:
- Interest Rates
- Time Value of Money
- Bonds
- Shares
- Capital Budgeting
- Risk and Return
- Summaries for weeks:
1: The Financial System
2: Time Value of Money (Single Amounts)
3: Time Value of Money (Multiple Amounts)
4: (continuation of Time Value of Money)
5: Time Value of Money Problems
6: Bond Valuation
7: Share Valuation
8: Capital Budgeting
9: Risk and Return
10: (no lecture due to Class Test)
11: Raising Capital
12: The Global Financial Crisis

Note: The sample notes available do not contain ALL subject content, and should not be used for the final examination.

Best of luck in ACST101!


Semester 2, 2017

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