This is the only thing I walked into the exam with, and it helped me score 93% on the final BA exam.

Not only summarises ALL course content (e.g. case law, legislation, equitable doctrines, textbook, lecturer's tips, etc.) but ALSO runs through suggestions of EXACT scripts of what to write in the exam so you have to do minimal thinking come exam day.

Separated by problem question type and incredibly easy to use.

Topic list:
0) Company Constitution and RRs
1) Separate legal personality
2) Directors powers and meetings
3) Shareholders powers and meetings + residual control
4) Contracts with outsiders
5) Directors' duties
- Definition of director
- All duties
- Remedies (Common law, equity, relief from civil liability, criminal)
6) Shareholders' remedies
- Common law
- Equity
- Statute


Semester 2, 2017

63 pages

22,056 words



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