Semester 2, 2017

Indigenous Cultures and Health Behaviours Course Notes

333 pages

236,383 words




Course notes from the entire semester of INDH1006 Indigenous Cultures and Health Behaviours. Includes notes from workshops, workbooks, and assigned readings, organised by week. Also includes a glossary for the course. Are 'colour-blocked' for ease of reading and studying.

Received high distinctions on all individuals assessments and an overall mark of 83% in this unit.

Topics covered include: Welcome to Country; Introduction to Indigenous Cultures & Health; Global Indigenous Experience; Australia's Indigenous People; Past Policies & Practice; The Significance of Identity; Aboriginal Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing; Family & Community Structure; Supporting Healthy Behaviours; Health Story - An Interprofessional Case Study; Communication & Working with Community; and Promoting Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Cultural Security.