These comprehensive Public International Law notes include complete case and treaty summaries for each topic, in addition to detailed explanations of the relevant principles of Public International Law. Case summaries include an explanation of the facts, detailed accounts of ICJ findings, and where relevant a statement of the relevant principle. Also included are shorter compressed exam scaffolds summarising the relevant steps in answering different public international law problem questions. These are divided into individual topics. These scaffolds provide a comprehensive overview of the cases, treaties and principles detailed throughout the notes themselves. The scaffolds included are: State Immunity and Act of state doctrine, Sources of International Law, Title to Territory, Dispute settlement and ICJ Jurisdiction, Diplomatic Protection, Diplomatic Immunity, State Jurisdiction, State Responsibility, Treaties, Treatment of Aliens. These notes helped me secure a mark of 77 overall. The sample notes demonstrate an example of one part of the treaties scaffold, and a short section of the notes on the law of the Sea.


Semester 1, 2017

140 pages

65,690 words



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