Semester 2, 2017

HD CHM1022 INORGANIC lecture + tutorial + workshop notes

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These lecture notes contains the Inorganic content covered in CHM1022. They thoroughly summarise the important content and knowledge that is required to understand and solve problems. I have included example exam problems which were covered in tutorials and workshops, as well as simple approaches that can be used to make challenging problems more solvable.

The notes follow a sequential order with colour annotations and annotated diagrams which will assist you with your learning.

I personally found that weeks 7-11 content (inorganic) was more on the challenging side and hence created this to assist me with my exam study and it helped me earn an HD.

Week 7 – Elements and Trends
Week 8 – Compounds and Complexes
Week 9 – Ligands and Complexes
Week 10 – Isomerism and Crystal Field Theory
Week 11 – Colour and Magnetism




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