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Criminal Law Offences

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LAWS4102 Criminal Law Exam Notes
Criminal Law in Western Australia

Details the steps to each offence with reference to relevant case law.

- Fatal Offences
Homicide (s 270)
Deeming Provisions
Murder (279(1)(a)(b))
Dangerous Act Murder (279(1)(c))
Manslaughter (s280)
Road Traffic Act
Unlawful Assault Causing Death (s 281)
Attempted Murder (s 283)
Procuring Suicide (s 288)
Abortion (s 199)
Preventing Birth of Live Child (s 290)
Death by Acts Done at Childbirth (s 271)
- Non- Fatal Offences
Common Assault (313)
Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm (317)
Acts or omissions causing bodily harm or danger (304)
Serious Assault (318(1)(d)(f))
Assault with Intent (317(a))
Causing Grievous Bodily Harm (297)
Grievous Bodily Harm (1)
Grievous Bodily Harm or Wounding with Intent (294)
Wounding (301(1))
Stalking (338(e))
Threats (338)
- Sexual Offences
Sexual penetration without consent (325)
Sexual Penetration (319(1))
Sexual Coercion (327)
Indecent Assault (323)
Sexual Offences Against Child (320 – 322)
Sexual Offences Against Incapable Person (330)
Sexual Servitude (331B)
Conducting business involving sexual servitude (331C)
Deceptive recruiting for commercial sexual service (331 D)
- Property Offences
Stealing (371)
Robbery (392)
Assault with Intent to Rob (393)
Burglary (401)
Fraud (409)
Extortion (397 (1) (2))
Damage to Property (444)




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