Spring session, 2017

Contract Law Notes (Comprehensive (incl. case studies) + Summary for Exam) - DISC

102 pages

44,497 words




Page 1 - 82 (word count:36,205) : Detailed comprehensive notes covering each topics. This includes case studies + elements + other important details you'll need to know for your assessments. I've also included some additional cases which will be helpful/relevant when doing your assignments.

Page 83 - 100 (word count: 8,282) : A summary including all the important components to bring into your exam. I've laid them out in a very systematic format including: Definition, onus, test, elements, other considerations etc. The last thing you want to do is flipping through 100 pages of notes in 2 hour time frame.

This subject can be very heavy especially with the amount of case law involved. However, with a good set of notes you can easily achieve the mark you want.

NOTE*: the index table on the front page is a bit funny (page numbers somehow got jumbled up). Had some technical errors there... This will not be there when you purchased the entire set of notes.