This is the concise revision notes for PSYC30022 Trends in Personality and Social Psychology.

These notes preserve all of the content from these 2-hour lectures into as little pages as possible (~4 pages). This is done by utilising symbols, diagrams, graphs and tables instead of walls of texts.

This would save you time during revision and make the content more understandable through visualization.

It is perfect for previewing a lecture, assignments, revision and last-minute cramming.

Lecture 1 - Culture and Well-being
Lecture 2 - Pain
Lecture 3 - Romantic Attraction
Lecture 4 - Group formation and Commitment
Lecture 5 - Moral Frontiers
Lecture 6 - Body Image and Eating Disorders
Lecture 7 - Emotions
Lecture 8 - Emotion Dynamics
Lecture 9 - Personality processes
Lecture 10 - Stability and change
Lecture 11 - Personality neuroscience
Lecture 12 - Personality, cognition, and creativity


Semester 2, 2017

44 pages

8,309 words



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