Each chapter summary is thoroughly written out to easily understand in simple terms and clear headings are created to make it easy to find during the exam. There are examples for some sections that require further understanding which is really helpful in the exam! Please note: There is no topic 9 summary as this is not examinable! BONUS**** Help guide on the last couple of pages to assist with the exam. Examples of what i found very useful when trying to understand central tendency, hypothesis testing examples with full steps and elaboration. Also included are regression modelling examples. TOPICS: 1- Introduction to Business Analytics DESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS 2- Data Analysis 3- Probabilities/ Standard Normal Distribution 4- Confidence Intervals 5- Hypothesis Testing 6- Dimension Modelling and Data Visualization PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS 7- Analytical Process & Simple Linear Regression 8- Multiple Linear Regression PRESCRIPTION ANALYSIS 10- Decision Analysis


Semester 2, 2017

45 pages

8,063 words



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