The first 8 lectures are not covered in this notes as they are just revision from second year immune subjects

In addition, L23 - immune regulation, L24 - innate immunity, L25 - NK cells, L29 & 30 complement and L33 immunity to HSV skin infection are NOT covered.
Those lectures are not covered as some of them contain little important information (e.g. L24) whereas others the lecture slides are very detailed so no notes really required (e.g. L29 & L30)

Those notes are not a simple copy & paste from the lecture slides. It includes very detailed explanation on some difficult concepts as well as many summary tables for easy memorisation.

Highlights and coloured words are marked for special attention. It also contains important diagrams making the notes very easy to understand without constant referring back to the lecture slides.


Semester 1, 2017

75 pages

18,308 words



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