Spring session, 2017

Real Property Comprehensive Notes 70317 - 89% High Distinction

108 pages

38,375 words




Complete Real Property (70317) Notes - Covers the entire examinable syllabus in order.

- 8 page table of contents (hyperlinked for easy navigation) PLEASE NOTE THAT "ERROR BOOKMARK NOT DEFINED” ONLY APPLIES TO PREVIEW AS IT’S NOT THE FULL VERSION).

- Comprehensive case summaries throughout.

- Coloured graphs and flowcharts throughout.

- Colour coded to quickly distinguish cases, legislation, definitions, readings quotes etc. (make locating desired certain material far easier under exam conditions).

(ADVISED: I would suggest buying these in conjunction with my other 'concise' Real Property Notes, which contain example problem question answer scaffolds/moulds for the exam... Literally, they will save your life)