Spring session, 2017

Real Property Concise Notes 70317 - 89% High Distinction

61 pages

20,356 words




Complete Real Property (70317) Notes:

- Covers the entire examinable syllabus in order.

- Contains invaluable example answer plans/moulds for every issue and sub-issue on every topic (ideal for approaching problem questions).

- Notes follow the flow of issues that arise in a problem question.

- 3 page table of contents (hyperlinked for easy navigation).

- Coloured Torrens Title graph/flowchart.

- Colour/format coded to quickly distinguish cases, statutes, definitions etc.

Ideal for exam situation, the scaffold is foolproof for issue identification and solving with relevant authority cited.

(Would advise purchase in conjunction with my other notes - which are a comprehensive set that contains the necessary cases to know/apply).