Semester 1, 2017

HD (86) equity exam notes

48 pages

14,638 words




Comprehensive HD equity exam notes (I received an 86 for this unit).

These are structured notes that were made with answering exam questions in mind, in a clear, logical and methodical fashion.

I have included some policy discussion/discussion points for competing jurisdictions for some topics (eg 'CL principles and equitable remedies' and 'fiduciary receipt of bribes').

These notes include case references throughout (including case summaries and highlighting where case analogies should be drawn and where cases should be distinguished).

Topics include:
1) Breach of confidence;
2) Breach of fiduciary duty;
3) Third party liability;
4) Personal remedies;
- Specific performance
- Injunction and specific delivery
- Declarations
- Equitable rescission
- Account of profits
- Equitable compensation
- Damages in lieu of injunction or specific performance
- Common law principles
5) Proprietary remedies;
- Constructive trust and equitable lien
- Tracing
6) Assignment of property rights.




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