Detailed notes based on Learning Objectives outlined in HAC manual.

Topics include:
Topic 1: Introduction To Head & Neck
Topic 2: Skull
Topic 3: The Scalp
Topic 4: The Face
Topic 5: Neurovascular Supply To The Head And Neck
Topic 6: Cranial Nerves
Topic 7: The Ear
Topic 8: Oral Cavity
Topic 9: The Tongue
Topic 10: Temporomandibular Joint And Muscles Of Mastication
Topic 11: The Pharynx
Topic 12: The Larynx
Topic 13: The Orbital Region
Topic 14: The Thorax
Topic 15: Mediastinum And Heart
Topic 16: Lungs, Pleural Cavities And The Mechanism Of Respiration
Topic 17: Walls, Peritoneum And Neurovascular Structures Of The Abdomen
Topic 18: Retroperitoneal Structures Of The Abdomen
Topic 19: Hollow Organs Of The Gastrointestinal Tract (Gi Tract)
Topic 20: Solid Organs Of The Gi Tract And Portosystemic System
Topic 21: Walls, Internal Viscera, Neurovascular Structures Of True Pelvis
Topic 22: Internal Viscera Of The Male And Female Pelvis
Topic 23: Perineum And External Genitalia Of The Pelvis


Semester 1, 2017

123 pages

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