Semester 2, 2016

Comprehensive and helpful ELEC1601 Notes by HD student

54 pages

21,201 words




I have just finished ELEC1601 in 2016 S2 and did quite a good job for this course.

These notes are what I summarised during my studies. They are well structured! Take a careful read at the preview version, you'll find it quite helpful because I listed all important points using different formatting styles to make myself (and you:) understand the concept better.

This note is really helpful and comprehensive, I believe. Because I really spent a lot of time reading all the materials provided in this subject, summarizing them, and typing them out.

The best part of my notes, I think, are those tables. For example in Week 2 I uses a table that summarises one of the difficulty in this course--Sign and Magnitude VS 2's complement. There are also many good summary on flip-flops, AVR assembly language and ..., a lot more for you to discover.