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This is a well organised complete study notes for ACCT 30001 Financial Accounting Theory (FAT).

With 18000+ words, this file includes contents from lecture slides, key tutorial questions / concepts, extra / required reading materials (via hyperlinks), and even designs links between different FAT topics.

As you see in the sample notes, this file is multi-colored, and I strongly recommend you to use it / print it in colours. FYI, purple = examples, green = explanations provided by the lecturer when I was listening to his lectures! (Guess what, everything you need is in this file!)

I just completed this subject in 2017 Semester 1, so this is the latest FAT notes that you can have access to. Also, I finally achieved a mark of 88 with this notes - hopefully it will help you as well.


Semester 1, 2017

81 pages

18,200 words



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