Semester 2, 2016

Template for Problem Question and Summary of ALL cases

30 pages

12,304 words




These notes can be used as a supplement to my full HD colour coded notes, which have also been uploaded.

In these notes, I've scaffolded a template that can be used in both the mid-sem and final exam problem question. The scaffold contains the issues, rule (law) and then possible ways to apply the law (ie. applying the facts of the case). I have included blank spaces where it is appropriate to apply the facts. I literally copied this template word-for-word in the exam - use this template to create your own template, which can be applied in the exam to save you valuable time. All you really have to do is apply the facts of the problem question, without worrying about the rules of the law.

I've also included a summary of ALL cases in the course and the FACTS and RATIO briefly and succinctly.

Topic list:
- The role and function of tort law
- Nuisance (public and private)
- Negligence
- Standard of duty of care
- Duty of care categories
- Duty of care special parties
- Breach of duty
- Causation
- Scope of liability
- Remoteness
- Concurrent liability
- Defences
- Contributory negligence
- Damages
- Breach of statutory duty