Semester 2, 2016

HD Torts Notes

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Notes I made for trimester 3 of 2016 (Monash JD) torts exam. I got a HD in this unit!

There are flowcharts and a template for each tort at the start of each topic. I have also included a road map for each overarching topic which showcases the step-by-step process for answering each tort in an exam. Following this, I have included case summaries for all the relevant cases in the reading guide.

(Disclaimer: I completed torts 2 trimesters ago, so the cases may vary. The accuracy of these notes is therefore not guaranteed.)

Topics included:

- Battery
- Assault
- False Imprisonment
- Trespass to Land
- Defences to trespass to person / land
- Negligence
- Vicarious Liability
- Damages

Disclaimer: Private Nuisance was not included in my exam so is unfortunately not included in my notes.




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